French Health Minister: Medical Cannabis Could Arrive in France


France’s health minister recently expressed her support of the arrival of medical cannabis in the country, where despite being legalized five years ago, it remains out of reach for patients. Medical cannabis has been legal in France in 2013. Since that time, however, the only cannabinoid-based drug authorized for market has been Sativex , a THC-CBD oral spray approved in 2014 to treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis. However, the high cost of the drug, and the French health authority’s low reimbursement rate for Sativex — 15 percent while other drugs for multiple sclerosis patients can be reimbursed for 80 percent — have effectively wiped out its potential use. “I asked the various institutions that evaluate drugs to bring me back the state of knowledge on the subject” Health Minister Agnes Buzyn said during a May radio interview with France Inter . “Because there is no reason to exclude, on the pretext that it is cannabis, a molecule that may be interesting for the treatment of some very debilitating pains.” She also pointed out the delay of France making medical cannabis readily available, though did not give an deadline. French Health Minister: Medical Cannabis Could Arrive in France

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