Brits becoming increasingly relaxed about cannabis … man


A YouGov poll on British attitudes to cannabis, founds that 75% of the population think doctors should be able to prescribe it for medical purposes compared to just 12% who think they should not. Medical cannabis has been found to treat conditions such as epilepsy, while cannabis-based drugs are being developed to treat cancer and autism. More broadly, the study found that the majority of Brits want a softer stance towards it than the current policy regime in place When given the straight choice between supporting legalization of cannabis or keeping it illegal, 43% of those asked preferred legalization while slightly less, 41%, opposed it. Another question, giving three options asked if people were in favor of either – criminalization, decriminalization, or legalization, gave a more nuanced view of public attitudes. 40% want to keep the laws as they are, 24% are in favor of decriminalization, while 27% are in favor of a legalized cannabis market. When combined, the softer policies to cannabis, decriminalization and legalization, have the support of 51% of the population indicating overall support for a more liberal policy than the one currently in place. Brits becoming increasingly relaxed about cannabis … man

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