Caribbean Currents: A olive branch for Rastafarians


Personal injury lawyers have long chased ambulances. But now, they’re waiting for ambulances to come to them, staking out emergency rooms in pursuit of clients. Philadelphia’s Richard “Tre” Jenkins recently received the email of his life, an acceptance letter from Harvard University. Despite facing numerous challenges — including time in a homeless shelter — the high school senior’s perseverance and hard work earned him a full-ride to the Ivy League Less than a week after his star-making sermon at the British royal wedding, Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry set his sights on American politics, leading a church service to lament what he and other Christian leaders call “a dangerous crisis of moral and political leadership.” Sunday’s 101st running of the Indianapolis 500 won’t have any special meaning for Willy T. Ribbs. Caribbean Currents: A olive branch for Rastafarians

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