Paso grapples with locations for cannabis businesses


The city of Paso Robles’ current cannabis regulations only allow cannabis delivery services to establish and operate in city limits. Now, delivery companies are learning that “city limits” doesn’t include downtown. Paso officials recently denied Dubs Green Garden a license to operate its delivery out of a downtown commercial property, even though the company has used the location on Park Street as its office for years prior. The rub, according to the city, is that new state cannabis laws require delivery services to store their cannabis products at a licensed brick-and-mortar facility. After reviewing Dubs’ application to do just that, the city decided that downtown wasn’t where it wanted cannabis deliveries to set up shop. “Everybody looked at it and there was just a concern about what effect that may have on the downtown,” Paso Community Development Director Warren Frace said. Paso grapples with locations for cannabis businesses

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