Police: Marijuana grow operation busted in Delhi basement


Officers busted a pot growing operation in a man’s basement last week, according to Delhi Township police. Daniel Spegal Jr., a resident of the Neeb Road home, is facing a tampering with evidence charge along with three drug charges.  The 21-year-old tried to hide the pot plants by throwing them out of the house while police prepared to search the residence, according to a Hamilton County Court affidavit.  “Agents recovered approximately 9 pounds of marijuana plant material that was taken from a marijuana grow operation in the basement,” police said Tuesday. Officers initially responded to the scene for a harassment report and well-being check. While at the home, they smelled the “odor of raw marijuana,” police said.  [Norwood group working to reduce misdemeanor marijuana fines] After obtaining a search warrant, police entered Spegal’s home and found the marijuana ready for distribution, court documents allege. Police believe jealousy on the part of the groom’s ex-wife may have motivated the shooting. A man who was kayaking on the Edisto River is in critical condition after a rattlesnake fell out of a tree and bit him.  The Bay County Sheriff’s Office confirmed on Facebook the suspect is Kevin Robert Holroyd, 49. Police: Marijuana grow operation busted in Delhi basement

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