Northern Territory To ‘Explore’ Decriminalising Marijuana


ten daily Senior News Reporter Northern Territory chief minister Michael Gunner appears to have opened the door on  marijuana decriminalization, saying overseas models relaxing restrictions on the drug “could be explored”. The NT government announced it will soon introduce legislation allowing for the cultivation of industrial hemp and will explore options around growing medical cannabis. While a government spokesperson denied over the weekend that the reforms would include a push to decriminalise recreational use of marijuana, as has been called for by assistant minister Jeff Collins, chief minister Michael Gunner appeared to float the possibility in a news conference on Monday. “No-one in Australia has done it yet. Quite a few American states have. I do think it’s going to become a more common topic in Australia, and at the moment, we have shown we’re not always as progressive as other parts of the world,” Gunner said. Northern Territory To ‘Explore’ Decriminalising Marijuana

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