NZ may vote on marijuana legalisation in 2019


New Zealanders may get to vote on legalising marijuana next year. The government is currently debating whether to hold the referendum in 2019 because it’s not sure holding it at the 2020 General Election would be a smart move politically. The referendum on legalising marijuana was part of the confidence and supply deal struck between Labour and the Greens – although Winston Peters’ backs one too. Justice Minister Andrew Little said the government’s contemplating holding it next year, rather than in 2020. “There’s two competing issues, one is it would be convenient to have it then (2020) we’ve got a General Election so we’re already running a ballot there. “On the other hand, there would be other colleagues who would say ‘well we don’t necessarily want a General Election run on this particular sort of issue, so let’s have it at a different time’ – that issue hasn’t been resolved and it will be a little while before it is, I suspect.” NZ may vote on marijuana legalisation in 2019

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