Athens, Balkannabis Expo 2018


Whoever might think that it is an illegal thing we are talking about, would be wrong. The  is an event focused on the applications of cannabis, to a great extent as a medical treatment and its future presence in Greece and the Balkans through certified trades and organisations concentrating on its (wider) use. The event which will take place in Technopolis space, in downtown Athens, on June 1-3, “is an international, professional and commercial, exhibition of Hemp and Medical Cannabis businesses, organizations and applications. It will host companies from all productive sectors: growing, harvesting and processing technologies, seeds, distributors, producers, wholesalers, retailers and innovators. BALKANNABIS EXPO will be a unique opportunity to show case your business, products and services, to expand your trades into new markets and establish new client relationships. Three indoor and two outdoor exhibition areas, covering more than 7.000 sq. Athens, Balkannabis Expo 2018

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