Cura Cannabis Goes International


Cura Cannabis Solutions is a cannabis oil-producing powerhouse in Portland, Oregon that is consistently breaking its own records.  Cura Cannabis Solutions is in the process of closing out a $20 million funding round that doubles their valuation from $200 million to a cool $400 million over the last eight months, said the company’s co-founder and president, Cameron Forni. Having gained amazing traction since its launch in September 2015, then making legal cannabis history recently by reporting $18 million in sales for the first quarter of 2018, investors were breaking down the doors. “We were oversubscribed we had to turn people away,” said Forni. “There was more interest than opportunity.” Not bad for a start-up that began three years ago in Forni’s Portland living room where he and his wife Lauren sometimes stayed up all night filling cartridges. Cura Cannabis Goes International

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