Australian company building marijuana grow-op in Windsor


WINDSOR, N.S. — An Australian company will become a tenant in Windsor’s industrial park just in time for marijuana use to become legalized. Creso Pharma, a publicly traded company based in Australia, is hoping that the impending legalization of marijuana in Canada will be a boon for its growing cannabis industry, which includes supplying recreational and medical marijuana products. Although the company has yet to confirm directly to the Valley Journal-Advertiser the location of the facility, construction of a large structure on Ivey Lane is emblazoned with the Creso Pharma logo. The company’s website also details progress of the new, 20,000-square-foot facility in Nova Scotia, with images that match the Windsor Business Park location. “We are very pleased that construction of the production facility is progressing well with site works, such as the formation of roads and driveways and land excavation now complete, as well as the installation of services including water, sewer, drainage and power,” Creso Pharma co-founder and CEO Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli said in a news release. Australian company building marijuana grow-op in Windsor

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