The Easy Way To Cultivate Your Own Medical Cannabis Seeds


As a responsible cannabis grower, you’ve likely done everything you could to keep males out of the garden. Growing your own seeds on a very basic level, however, requires a healthy, flowering male plant. Yes, keep him separate from your garden still, but the first step to breeding or growing your own seeds is picking a hearty male of the strain you want and growing him out. Now the question is if you want to grow a whole lotta seeds or enough to stock your grow room for the next stretch. Remember that the following methods do not guarantee female seeds, you’ll still have to grow and sort, but it will be with seeds of your own creation. Pick a female of the same or a different strain, remember this is essentially your foray into breeding as well as producing dank seeds if you cross two strains, but also remember that you’re creating seeds that are going to be used, so try and envision the strains together, from growth patterns to THC/CBD ratios and beyond. The Easy Way To Cultivate Your Own Medical Cannabis Seeds

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