People across South America are marching for cannabis legalization


After Uruguay and Colombia, enthusiasts across South America are now gathering and marching for the legalization of cannabis in several other countries as well. Marches for the legalization of marijuana happened in several South American countries over the past few days, most prominently in Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. The weed map of South America currently looks like this: As you may see from the map, there are several places in South America where cannabis is still strictly illegal, such as Suriname and its two neighboring countries on the north of the continent. The rest of the countries, however, have passed at least some type of decriminalization law, and several countries even have legal medical marijuana as a part of their healthcare system. Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay have all legalized medical marijuana in the previous several years, and Uruguay has even legalized recreational marijuana. The rest of the countries in South America have some sort of decriminalization laws in places, most countries allowing for a rather decent amount to be found in possession. People across South America are marching for cannabis legalization

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