Marches in Peru & Argentina demand new cannabis laws


Argentina’s annual marijuana march took place this year as some international attitudes to the plant appear to be on the point of changing from repression to limited acceptance as a medicine, and tolerance as a recreational pasttiime. Demonstrators called for congress to conduct more research into the benefits of the marijuana plant and its cultivation. In March 2017, the Argentine Congress approved a medical cannabis law. The Medicinal Cannabis Law authorises the free import of cannabis oil for people with refractory epilepsy. However, Valeria Salech, the president of ‘Mom Cultivates’, an NGO representing mothers whose children suffer from this illness, said the law is not being applied in reality. Although the law is supposed to guarantee that the state oversee the import and supply of medicinal cannabis, as well as promoting the domestic production and research, protesters said none of this has occurred. Marches in Peru & Argentina demand new cannabis laws

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