Thailand Authorises Country’s First Medical Cannabis Programme


Thailand has authorised a private company to cultivate medical cannabis for export, but possession of the drug remains prohibited domestically for now. The Royal Project Foundation, an agricultural project launched by the Thai monarchy, has partnered with the Thai Cannabis Corporation (TCC), and researchers at the country’s Maejo University to establish a five-year cannabis cultivation scheme. The project will be “export-focused” and will “identify and breed cannabis strains that are high in CBD (cannabidiol), but contain After announcing its project’s approval on April 26, the TCC described its intention to cultivate cannabis on 5,000 hectares of land. According to their press release, the company hopes that this is the beginning of an industry that will “add at least 1% to Thailand’s US $400 billion-dollar GDP” within ten years. The goals of Thailand’s first medical cannabis programme are primarily financial, according to the TCC’s CEO, Timothy Luton: “the mission of the Thai Cannabis Corporation is to provide an excellent return to shareholders ”. The sentiment was echoed by TCC’s vice president of marketing, Jim Plamondon, who has appealed for international partnerships and investments: “Whether you grow cannabis, process it, package it, or make equipment for it, you can lower your costs by integrating Thailand into your global supply chain”. Thailand Authorises Country’s First Medical Cannabis Programme

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