Australian clinical trial set to study cannabis as insomnia treatment


An upcoming trial is set to examine the potential for cannabis oil to treat insomnia(Credit: wollertz/Depositphotos) A team of researchers from the University of Western Australia is set to embark on a world-first human clinical trial specifically examining the effects of medicinal cannabis on subjects suffering from chronic insomnia. The trial will be led by the university’s Center for Sleep Science and run in conjunction with Australian medical research and development company Zelda Therapeutics. Trial participants will be administered medicinal cannabinoid oil under the tongue one hour before going to bed, every night for two weeks. A placebo group will be also administered an inactive oil for two weeks before the groups switch to take the opposite preparation. The study will be blind, meaning each group will not know whether they are receiving the active or placebo medication. This luscious olive oil bread from Eggland’s Best is the best for nibbling with tea or coffee.‚Äč Sleep quality will be measured via wrist-based sleep trackers and questionnaires, with the trial also incorporating three monitored overnight sessions in the university’s sleep center. Australian clinical trial set to study cannabis as insomnia treatment

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