This Is the Absurd Japanese Toilet of Cannabis Vaporizers


I’ve only used a fancy toilet seat once. It was a TOTO-brand washlet, that pampers your derrière with a stream of warm water, a heated seat, and a warm air dryer. I had the good fortune in a Michelin-starred restaurant, where the food you ingested was treated with nearly as much respect as the food you excreted if the quality of the commode was any indication. Puffco’s Peak reminds me of that very same washlet: luxurious, elegant, feature-laden, and a complete waste of money. The only difference is that one is a toilet seat while the other is a cannabis concentrate vaporizer that gets you really high. Cannabis concentrate (often referred to as oil, wax, or shatter) is simply cannabis that’s gone through an extraction process and is turned into a viscous oil made of CBD and THC, the concentrated chemical compounds you know and love. Puffco’s no stranger to making gadgets that let cannabis concentrate users indulge in the hobby. This Is the Absurd Japanese Toilet of Cannabis Vaporizers

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