Malta’s First Cannabis Control Card Has Been Issued


‘We are making ourselves the laughing stock of the world’ The first batch of cannabis control cards have been issued in Malta, taking patients one step closer to accessing their prescribed medicine.  However, the first man in Malta to get the control card has already become exasperated with the process after being told the control card is just the first stop in a long process to get his medicine. “They’re making it even harder than it is,” says Aaron Pavia, who suffers from chronic pain after a motorcycle crash years back. “It’s taking longer than expected, loads of time being wasted to get the medicine, and it will take me another month or two before I get anything.” After successfully applying for the control card, Aaron now needs to apply for a permit along with his doctor. After that, he’ll barely be past the halfway point of getting medicine that is legal in other parts of Europe and the USA. “My control card was issued six days ago, and I still don’t have the medicine, God knows how long it will take,” he said. Malta’s First Cannabis Control Card Has Been Issued

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