Cannabis ETFs continue to evolve, but remain dicey propositions


WASHINGTON, April 25, 2018: Back in January, we created a bit of a stir when we focused on the evolving – and dicey – fine art of marijuana investing. For traders interested in taking a chance on cannabis, we ran a pair of columns focusing on “covert” marijuana stocks and the headline risks involved in courting Maryjane. Those headline risks continue, as marijuana, marijuana companies, and the battle between legalized weed for both medical use and recreational use continues. For that reason, we thought we should update our initial investment marijuana forays, as economic chaos and headline risk continue to dance with investors’ better investment bets in this tiny but intriguing investment area. Like many startup industries – take personal computers, for example – publicly traded cannabis-based companies and ETFs alike are inherently high risk. That means that income investors and conservative investors might want to stop reading right here. These volatile investments are not for you. Cannabis ETFs continue to evolve, but remain dicey propositions

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