Israel’s Super-Pharm chain begins selling medical cannabis


Israeli pharmacy chain Super-Pharm today began selling medical cannabis at 25 branches. BOL Pharma will be Super-Pharm’s main supplier and the pharmacy chain plans to expand its medical cannabis sales to 50 branches.. Up until now, medical cannabis was available only at the Abarbanel Mental Health Center and special stores belonging to the Tikun Olam supplier in Tel Aviv. Under new regulations, medical cannabis will be issued only by prescription in a medically prescribed dosage. In contrast to the situation up until now, however, in which products were sold at a uniform price per prescription, regardless of dosage, the price will now be determined according to dosage and the concentration of active ingredients THC and CBD in the product. BOL’s products at Super-Pharm will be priced at NIS 120-140 per 10 grams, a higher price per gram than consumers have paid up until now. Israel’s Super-Pharm chain begins selling medical cannabis

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