Cannabis is set to be legalised in Antigua and Barbuda, as Prime Minister says ‘racist’ laws that banned it damaged the …



Alastair Tancred For Mailonline Antigua and Barbuda will allow the use of medical cannabis, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has announced, in addition to decriminalising  the possession of small amounts of the drug In explaining the move Mr Browne said that that the prohibition of cannabis was not prompted by the health or well-being of users, but to serve the ‘racist, political and economic interests of the global powers at that time’. The Prime Minister said  his government’s plans to legalise cannabis for medicinal and ‘other’ uses. Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne (left) said that the relaxing of cannabis laws was long overdue, especially for his country’s Rastafarian community Mr Browne emphasised that his government was not that advocating the widespread use of smoked cannabis Mr Browne went on to apologise to the Rastafarian community for the ‘demonisation and brutalisation’ that has been inflicted upon them by police and other government authorities because of prohibition.  In the Caribbean, the Rastafari Community has championed the many uses of Cannabis, and have asserted that the herb is utilized as a sacrament in their rituals, in their celebrations and worship, a press release from the Prime Minister said. ‘The prohibition and demonization have led to Rastafari being brutalized and castigated by Police and other Government authorities, because of the utilization of the plant Cannabis Sativa. ‘It is in this context, and now that my Government has liberalized the legislation regarding cannabis, and is moving towards the medicinal and other uses of this natural substance, that I have issued a “genuine” apology to the Rastafarian Community,’ the statement said. ‘We have asserted that Rastafari sacramental or spiritual use be acknowledged, and that Rastafari be given a stake in production and benefits to be derived from the medicinal and other uses going forward. Cannabis is set to be legalised in Antigua and Barbuda, as Prime Minister says ‘racist’ laws that banned it damaged the …

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