Ziggy Marley: We Need to Ban Pesticides in Pot


    Reggae artist and son of Bob Marley on why cannabis users should be careful about what they consume – and why we need to demand clean pot now After decades of struggle, marijuana legalization is finally sweeping the land – now, with the expansion of cannabis, we must be careful both as consumers and as businesses to not allow the industry to put profits above the health and wellbeing of the people. Consumers must take the lead in holding the marijuana industry – including growers, dispensaries and brands – to high moral and business standards in order to safeguard the health of marijuana users in whatever form it is consumed. As marijuana becomes industrialized, we need to stay vigilant about the way companies use harmful pesticides to maximize and safeguard their financial investments. We have seen this story before: as industries get larger and larger, and profits grow and grow, the welfare of consumers becomes secondary to the profits of those industries. If this were to happen to cannabis, it would defeat the spirit of the plant itself. We’d be left with nothing but another mass-produced product to be wary of. Ziggy Marley: We Need to Ban Pesticides in Pot

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