Proactive Investors launches its inaugural CryptoCann Capital Forum


The crypto-cannabis symposium will be held on Wednesday, April 18 at 3 West Club, 3 West 51st street in New York City. The forum, which is free, will showcase senior managers from companies with multi-million-dollar investments in the crypto/cannabis sector as well as industry insiders who will share where and why they are investing in these two sought-after sectors. The event will feature presentations by CEOs about their publicly-traded companies, followed by a panel discussion to explore investment opportunities, and then an audience Q&A accompanied by a networking session. Among the presenting CEOs are Jeff Koyen of 360 Blockchain, John McMullen of LGC Capital and Jason Priest of BlowFish Technologies. “We are proud to host a forum where investors can gain fresh insight into these growing and compelling sectors and explore where opportunities exist — and how to profit from them,” said Proactive Investors co-founder and CEO Ian Mclelland. At the conference, the CEOs of publicly traded crypto and cannabis companies will discuss tangible and measurable investment opportunities in these two sectors. Proactive Investors launches its inaugural CryptoCann Capital Forum

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