6 Cannabis Industry Trends Shaping the Future of Pot


    Cannabis industry trends aren’t always easy to pin down in the fast-changing climate of legalized cannabis. These six trends, however, are supported by a preponderance of evidence, which makes them likely to play out in the future. The so-called Wolves of Weed Street predict the cannabis industry will grow into a monstrous $75 billion industry by 2030. This estimation is around $25 billion more than originally forecast, according to the latest figures from New York investment analysts Cowen & Company. There is just so much happening right now within the cannabis sector, and so many cannabis industry trends to consider, that it can be difficult to make predictions about the future of the industry. Although the federal government has yet to unleash the cannabis plant from its Schedule I classification on the DEA’s Controlled Substances Act, it seems that statewide legalization efforts have been enough to give birth to a mighty green beast. 6 Cannabis Industry Trends Shaping the Future of Pot

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