World Medical Marijuana Conference Opens In Pittsburgh


Twitter PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A 3-day world medical cannabis conference opened at the Convention Center on Thursday, just a couple months after Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana law kicked in. “Each state kind of has some pitfalls,” Arizona-based medical marijuana consultant Sara Gullickson of Dispensary Permits told KDKA money editor Jon Delano. “While the government has done an amazing job and a lot of people that are opening their dispensaries and cultivation centers are doing a great job as well, six months is just a really unrealistic time to bring product to market and service patients.” Six months from seeds to medicine has been challenging, says Gullickson. When Solevo Wellness opened its dispensary in Squirrel Hill, it was supplied by only one grower. On exhibit in the Convention Center were all kinds of new ideas to help the fledgling industry — like a grow lamp that triples the speed marijuana can be grown. State law limits medical marijuana to oils, pills, and the like, but this week the state’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Board recommended the sale of the cannabis flower in dry form, which could be smoked by patients. World Medical Marijuana Conference Opens In Pittsburgh

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