They do things differently in Mexico…


They do things differently in Mexico. Especially when it comes to human rights and legalizing pot. Back in 2015, four members of the Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Consumption (the Spanish acronym is SMART) sued in the Mexican Supreme Court for the right to grow, use and transport marijuana. They argued that the prohibition of marijuana violates a person’s fundamental human right to the “free development of personality.” OK, if someone were to come into an American court and argue that U.S. anti-marijuana laws violated his right to “the free development of personality,” chances are the judge would react about the same way George III did when he got to the line in the Declaration of Independence that said “all men are created equal.” But in Mexico they do things differently. According to a piece at the blog Herb.CO by Michelle Janikian, the right to the “free development of personality” is found in the Mexican constitution. It’s also found in the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights. They do things differently in Mexico…

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