CBD Oil And Cannabis Flowers Will Be Available In Malta Sooner Than You Think


Malta’s leading pharmaceutical agents are ready to begin serving patients Malta cemented its position as a prime mover in the medical cannabis market by legalising medical cannabis recently amid moves to create a formidable industry on the island.  Now, the first pharmaceutical agents interested in importing medical cannabis are preparing for the imminent arrival of the first batch of legal medicinal cannabis.  In the last couple of weeks, Maltese patients looking for the medicine have came across one problem: medicinal cannabis wasn’t yet available on pharmacy shelves. Even though the medicine has been legalised, the bill regulating the manufacturing and importation of the drug hasn’t been passed and enacted by Parliament. This puts agents interested in importing medicinal cannabis in a sticky situation: patients are allowed to buy cannabis, but importers aren’t allowed to import the medicine. Associated Drugs, one of the leading pharmaceutical importers in Malta, said that they would be importing medicinal cannabis in its oil form as soon as legislation allows it. “We are planning to stock and distribute medical cannabis to local pharmacies in the near future,” they told Lovin Malta. “We are currently waiting for the legislation which will regulate the importation and distribution of medical cannabis to be enacted in order start stocking these products. CBD Oil And Cannabis Flowers Will Be Available In Malta Sooner Than You Think

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