Costa Rican Activists Launch Medical Marijuana Effort


At the end of March, a Costa Rican government agency issued a report with the surprise finding that use of tobacco has declined to the point that it shows a “tendency toward disappearance” in the coming years — and that cannabis is rapidly replacing it. Guillermo Araya, director of the Costa Rican Institute on Drugs (ICD, by its Spanish acronym), credited the decline in tobacco use to the “information campaign” about its risks. The ICD was created by an act of Costa Rica’s National Assembly in 2016 to study patterns of drug use in the country, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. But Araya was, predictably, less enthusiastic about the gains of cannabis. He raised the oft-heard concerns about THC levels in contemporary cannabis being far higher than a generation ago. Similarly, the Pan-American Health Organization‘s Costa Rica representative, Lilliam Reneau, commented in Spanish to Prensa Latina that an increase in marijuana use in any society is “worrisome. Costa Rican Activists Launch Medical Marijuana Effort

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